Example photos of Projects

DIY - Raspberry PI 3 project- Surveillance system with homemade encapsulation
User Creator - Client Module
Create Users - More.. tab
User Creator - Administrator module

Sample output from Powershell console to Create users program:

Some of my favorite moments

Analysing 3rd party shellcode with Libemu
Exploiting Memcpy() within a simple TCP echo server on WinXP SP3:
- Meterpreter shell style
Using Railgun within Meterpreter to invoke a syscall that locks the client workstation
Exploitation from AoE - Web Server:
I was calculating about how large my NOP sled should be and allign the 78-byte shellcode, since the buffer was 500 bytes I knew that I had a chance to get control over the program execution - and thereby exploited the web server!
How System Calls work:
I learn stuff by drawing them down on my whiteboard.
Exploitation of FreeSSHd - example
Adding debugging content to exsisting programs and Stripping it afterwards